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Successfully meeting the growing demands of plastic processing machinery, we offer a range that perfectly matches with the clients requirements. The T-die that we offer is used for extrusion molding of a plastic material such as plastic film. Its structure is divided into a lower stationary half and an upper movable half.

Features :
  • The stationary half is integrally provided with a steady lip portion
  • Movable half is provided with a base portion and flexible lip portion.
  • The flexible lip portion is provided with a plurality of U-shaped grooves
  • The operation continuity of the flexible lip portion can be improved by adjusting the depth of the groove in accordance with the cross sectional shape thereof.
  • Easy to install

  • Extrusion lamination for T-die :
  • Straight manifold type T-die
  • Straight manifold (two-stage) type T-die
  • Multi (two layers) manifold type T-die

  • Film casting T-die :
  • + Choke manifold straight bar type T-die
  • Semi coat hanger type T-die
  • Coat hanger type T-die
  • Multi-manifold (die in multi-layer) type T-die
  • Multi-manifold (outside the die multilayer) type T-die